All the winners since 1989.

  The 107 year old solid silver trophy which was originally for the Crewkerne & District Rifle Shooting  club was last contested for rifle shooting in 1908. It has been contested in the Haselbury Trailrace since 1989.


Haselbury Trail Race Hall of Fame
2016 Sam Hancock

2015 Kieran Young

2014 Matt Clist

 2013 Tim Hawkins

 2012 Alex Todd

2011 Steven Bayton
2010 Alex Todd
2009 Charlie Maclean

2008 Chris Burton
2007 Jonathan Gilling
2006 Peter Rigler
2005 Peter Belcher
2004 Peter Rigler
2003 Robert Parfitt
2002 William Joyce
2001 Dave Stone
2000 Kevin Hawker
1999 Kevin Hawker
1998 Paul Levick
1997 Garry Gerrard
1996 Richard Blackmore
1995 Dave Seymour
1994 Tony Roper
1993 Oliver Norman
1992 Dave Barry
1991 Wayne Speake
1990 Steve Crewe
1989 Steve Crewe

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hptrail2006.results.pdf   hptrail2007.results.pdf    hptrail2008.results.pdf    hptrail2009.results.pdf  hptrail2010.results.pdf

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